The first step, upon arrival, is to fill out an intake form to ensure all the right questions are asked prior to the start of your consultation. Then, we will have a discussion about symptoms, and a treatment plan will then be developed.

A consultation and treatment lasts between 75 to 90 minutes. Treatment may involve acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine, local massage, diet-therapy or a combination of these modalities.

The number of treatments required is largely dependent on each patient’s individual ailment, circumstance, and dedication to the plan set forth in the consultation. In many cases, a notable improvement can be seen after 3 or 4 treatments, however, chronic or long term problems can take longer to see a result. The intended length of treatment will be outlined in your first visit with your practitioner.

We only use sterile, single use disposable acupuncture needles, which are often as thin as a strand of hair. The fineness of the needles in combination with careful technique, often results in the intended effect with minimal discomfort for the patient. There is usually a warming sensation and a dull ache when the energy arrives at the point after a minute or two. In some cases, treatment points can be more sensitive. If this is the case, your practitioner will work within your tolerances to achieve the results required.

Chinese medicine uses a unique framework and diagnosis that focuses on both your immediate symptoms and the actual cause of the problem. Chinese medicine may treat a myriad of problems, such as digestive, gynaecological, sports injury and psychological issues. If you have any questions about our experience on a particular disorder, please feel free to contact us.

People of all ages and conditions can benefit from the practice of Acupuncture. Whether young, old, active, sedentary, healthy or otherwise, there is benefit to be had. Chinese Medicine is very safe and nearly always works in conjunction with medication you may already be taking.  Any concerns, please bring them up with your practitioner during consultation or any following appointment.

Kate is a registered member of The College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta and has been a member in good standing since 2013. Additionally, she has continued her education with courses by Acu-Sport for motor point therapy of musculo-skeletal problems as well in gynecology and digestive disorders.

Many people are nervous about being needled for the first time. Our first recommendation is to simply try it, but if you can’t take the plunge just yet, cupping or herbal options are typically available as a substitute.

Unfortunately, AHS does not subsidize acupuncture. However, nearly every major benefit provider in Alberta has allotted funds available for acupuncture treatment. We direct bill most insurance providers. Confirm with your insurer and ask should you have any questions.

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