Here is what some past clients have to say about the service they received at Point of Health Acupuncture & Herbals.

This Clinic is a real game changer. The Practisoners here have done wonders for improving my over all health and quality of life. If you want to feel better, go here.

I’ve known Kate since she was a student at MacEwan University. She was then and still is my “go to” person whenever I’m having issues, whether hormonal/menopausal, or muscular aches and pains. She’s extremely knowledgeable, understanding and caring. I highly recommend her.

If you’re looking for answers and actually want to actively improve your health and quality of life, Kate is the woman for you.

I have utilized her services for a number of different issues (everything from torn ligaments to hormone issues) and she has fixed everything I’ve thrown at her.

Stop ignoring that pain, quit pretending it’s normal. Go see Kate, she’s got this.

Finding Kate Talbot to help me with my joint health after many years of competitive sports has been an absolute blessing. I was told by many professionals that nothing could be done for pain or the limited range of motion in my foot after a surgical operation, but she disagreed. After a number of treatments, my range of motion has surpassed what I thought was possible and the pain is almost negligible. I also have other aches and pains which she has quickly diagnosed and helped me overcome. If you want an acupuncturist who really knows what they are talking about and truly cares about your health, Kate Talbot is the person to go see. I can’t say enough positive things about her and her work.

I was one of Kate’s first patients when she was learning acupuncture in the clinic at Grant Macewan. At that time I was visiting her for headaches and shoulder pain, then I went to her to help with some fertility issues and then for some maintenance throughout pregnancy. Most recently I have been seeing Kate for some blood pressure issues that my body hasn’t been able to sort out after pregnancy. After only a few appointments and some disgusting herbs I am very happy to report that my blood pressure is finally getting more normal after 3 years.

My review on Kate is that she is one in a million! I am not going to lie she can make you take some REALLY HORRIBLE herbs but at the end of the day they help (I have learnt to plug my nose and chug lol). She is also amazing at giving needles. I have received acupuncture at a physio therapist before and they are painful compared to what Kate does. Kate has a special talent and if you haven’t seen her before I suggest you give her a visit.

My biggest mistake is always waiting to go.

Kate is amazing! Her services were recommended to me after speaking to a co-worker on work related stress and sleep issues. I love that she took the time to listen to me and after a few sessions of acupuncture and (happy to say not disgusting) herbal tea mixture I’m starting to see results. She also has opened my eyes to the possibility of adjusting my diet due to other health issues. I would recommend Kate in a heartbeat.